teukie !


just need to said it loud~

after 5hours of intense battle



June 10th at the Zenith on Paris gonna see my Monkey D Luffy fo' real

gueeeeee yoseob

YO !! (awesome title i know >.<)

Yo !! again >.<

spring break is here so new kara hehe
done it in 2days it's a new girl group call RaNia produce by Teddy Riley (ex prod of MJ)
and i really like the song it's really catchy and the choreo really fit the atmosphere of the song
so done it
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i'm not MIA >"< !!!!

여러분  안녕하세요 !!!!!!!!
잘지네서?????? 난 괜잫나  ^ㅇ^

I know i've been MIA since september but i didn't find time since i started school to make or post a kara nor something BUT, yeah there's a BUT kekeke i already did a few kara in advance s there's one of them

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Salute tutti ^^

Hey boys and girls how are U ??

Pti post pour dire quand meme que je suis pas morte nan loin de là lol mais c'était les vacances et pendant cette période ba héhé j'ai pas chaumée.....

TOUT plein de kara fait pendant ces jolies vacances, tout seulement pour vous kekek ≧∇≦

On va commencer doucement avec un kara que j'ai fait y'a un pti moment déjà et vu que son groupe est sur le retour demain en album et apres demain en live ,

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Like a man ♥♥ yes U are

yeah that's right, people : I'M BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

ouarf nearly 2months without an update even for me it's hard but i was a little busy huhu and this time not with gifs (gifomaniaque attitudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD) but with karaoke !! i found my new passion : translate song ans make them in kara with effect (i find it cute ) if it's just a text pose on a video with the translation -_- no interest at all....

so this time I brings you an old song of pause-group FLY TO THE SKY.
i can't explain how i love their voices, HwanHee alalalala i know him since 2007 with the drama Over the Rainbow and fall in love with his rusky love (seems to have a things with this kind of voice )
and Brian xDDDDD this guy his like Jokwon Kkap Brian, i never he could be like this : totally crazy (at the same level as Jokwon)

the song : Like A Man the MV is beautiful and the story......... ok i admit it kind of strange but when you know the story line it's pretty good ^^ :

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gueeeeee yoseob


Just wanted to share this perf ^^
since a love the original, i wasn't sure when I first heard the new version but i was totally oO wouha the sincere version is as good as the original really luv' ^^

and today first performance at Mnet M! Countdown for new song, I was expecting to hear Take Care Of My Girlfriend but no it was Easy (Sincere vers) and madre mia dios mio O_____________O
IN-CRE-DI-BLE it surpass the original, Jun Hyung rap with the cello , their haircut and mostly their vocals really incredible they amazed me more and more everytime ^^

Hope their going to perform it more ^^


생일축하합니다 박재범 !!!!!!

JayBeom~haaaaaaaaa today it's your birthday Saengilchukaae~ for your 24th birthday ^^

For this with my friend Kiwi (your my friend right oO sometimes I've some doubt like your Flist -_-")
make a kara with french sub for his birthday ^^

The song is
Heart Damage it's a featuring he made for Navi for some perf cause the original rapper can't make it, and the lyrics are his own writing and maaaaaaa we've heard more romantic stuff xD but can't deny is rap is well done.
Love is voice gonna miss him on korean stage but he's going to comeback with the movie Hype Nation, it's a movie about dance battle and it's going to be filmed in America AND Korea, yeah baby he's going to comeback in Korea but i fear the fans welcoming -_-.......

but it's not the moment today it's a birthday celebration so let's sing
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come to WnB Lj to comment too ^^
kpop addiction

OMG he's back >.


OH MY GOD, yeah that's the right word GOD
it's a true God, the perfect man, if the earth is destroyed and you have to survive with 1man only : it's him.
I discovers asian music (in general) throught him 5-6years ago  yeah that's a lot of time back, but i never regret starting with him.

You can't deny that's his rusky voice is something, a voice who can melt you down with goosebumps.
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kpop addiction

Wedding Dress gifs


here the gifs i made for Wedding Dress ^^
i'm sorry for the long time waited but my software doesn't want to work until 2weeks ago, but hé aren't you happy to finally see them ^^

so here we go with the massive attak >.<


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don't forget if you take, reup plz ^^
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Wedding Dress

Another french kara i made for my team.
"Wedding Dress" by the sunny sun : TaeYang  
madre mia he's so handsome in his suit, and the ring is so beautiful, don't understad why the girl doesn't choose him (right Kiwi )

If you want to sing along with him, learn some french words (ou savoir ce qu'il raconte en francais), see a beautiful kara or simply see a HANDSOME and AWESOME man

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